Dr. Peter Wirtz

Dr. Peter Wirtz has enjoyed a challenging career as a high school teacher and coach, University professor and administrator, professional speaker, corporate trainer, consultant to corporations, entrepreneur and businessman for more than thirty-seven years. Drawing on his experiences with many educators, corporate clients and business leaders, he has helped develop The Genesis Process© Program with David Updegraff.

Whether working with White House staff, executives from some of America's largest companies and institutions, or talented business and community leaders, Dr. Wirtz has observed that communication, teamwork, resolution of conflicts and creative problem solving are the most frequently utilized skills of effective members of businesses and organizations. These primary skills, therefore, are the cornerstones of The Genesis Process©.

Through his career as a corporate consultant and effective listener for thousands of employees during focus groups and training sessions, he has learned that people will support those ideas they help to create. Thus, there is very strong emphasis on full involvement of participants invited to The Genesis Process© Program.

In addition, he has learned that people have personality differences and act according to these differences sometimes in complimentary fashion and often in conflict with others. Most often, this is not intentional but instinctive. Learning how to communicate and interact with others who are different in a collaborative manner is fundamental to getting people in businesses and organizations to work effectively together in a team environment. The Genesis Process© incorporates these two important learning principles into its format.

Dr. Wirtz currently is enjoying retirement on the golf links in central Florida.



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