Phase II - The Solutions Phase

Now Part two of the process can begin. Depending on the organization’s needs, part two may proceed the next day or any day up to two weeks from the completion of part one. Intervals of longer than two weeks are not recommended.

Part Two is called The Solution phase of the process. It is also divided into four segments. On average it will require about as much time as the examination segment, perhaps a little longer depending on the dynamics of the group.

Final Document – The Results

When the entire process is finished, your staff will present you with completed work, which in essence says, “We have, in good faith, identified the main concerns and aspirations of the group. We have taken the individual issues and categorized them. We have prioritized them as to their importance to the organization. Finally here is our best thinking about who could and should do what, and when it should be done in order to bring about better organizational productivity.

With such a document in hand, can you imagine the powerful management tool you will have to move your organization forward? Moreover, your staff and organizational mission will be in complete alignment.

The Genesis Process© will give you such a management tool. You will receive a completed document at the end of the process that will list the entire process, complete with participant feedback and the observations and notes from the facilitator including a wealth of information about how to move the group forward with sustained energy and commitment to mission purpose. With this document, you hold the key to unlocking and unleashing the power of your people.

Consider Phase III - Optional but extremly important to the success of the organization.

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