Phase Three -The Values System

  • Clearly defines the culture of the organization.
  • Gives employees a sense of contribution to success.
  • Brings organizational focus and employees commitments into alignment.


This process allows your employees to identify the values that are important to the individuals and to the organization as a whole. By creating a mission statement that all can take ownership of your organizational goals and those of your key employees will be in perfect alignment.

The Values Identification and Mission Statement process is supplemental to The Genesis Process© and is available for an additional fee. It may be utilized alone or is most useful when implemented after The Genesis Process© has been completed.

Add to the foundation and structure of your organization the roof of values and mission purpose as formulated by the individuals who have to make it work and your organization will experience remarkable success.

Every major breakthrough in history has been preceded by a break with traditional ways of thinking. Don't inhibit the success of your organization by encumbering it with the traditional obstacles of the past. Unleash the power, energy and potential of your people!

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