Phase I - The Examination Phase

This process works on the basic principles of human interaction and communication. We believe if you:

  1. Take people out of the daily arena of work and stop process.
  2. Bring them together in a neutral place.
  3. Provide them with a safe harbor environment and a level playing field.
  4. Give them the tools and controls that allow for equal communication.
  5. Ask them what is on their minds and what is preventing them from being the best they can be as it relates to your company’s mission.

Then they will identify and share their main concerns and aspirations related to their work life.

The process is tightly controlled; however, it allows employees the freedom to bring their individual concerns to the group after a period of deep self-introspection. Unlike internal audits that allow anonymity with no ownership of responses and asks subjective questions, The Genesis Process© is concerned with what is really going on inside your company’s work force.

Most participants after completing part one of The Genesis Process© remark how exhilarating the experience has been. Even though it typically can be a very long day, the feeling of cleansing and the hope of progress more than eclipse their fatigue.

Typically, this part of the process will take between 8 and 12 hours. Groups have completed it in as few as 6 hours, but the average will be about an 8-hour day. The process generally begins at 7:00 AM with scheduled breaks and lunch.

Participants remain together throughout the process and do not leave the facility (unless for emergency) until the process is completed.

Phase II

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