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There are two proven methods to improve organizational productivity. The first method employs the science of mathematics. This is accomplished by using statistical analysis and continuous quality improvement techniques as espoused by William Edwards Deming.

The second method is to increase the effectiveness of your employees through improved communication, team building and conflict resolution. It is a fact that organizations with cohesive teams having a clear mission purpose and utilizing effective communication processes far outdistance those who rely on business as usual. Today management understands that employee morale directly affects the bottom line.

The Genesis Process©:

The Genesis Process© is a communication driven process that is guaranteed to help any organization or group of people communicate more effectively and build strong, effective teams that will dramatically reduce conflict and chaos in their environment. The dilemmas outlined on the "Dilemmas Page" can be resolved using this process.

The Genesis Process© was developed in collaboration with David Updegraff a business executive and human resources manager who specialized in team building and conflict resolution and Dr. Peter Wirtz a noted industrial psychologist and organizational development specialist. This copy-written process builds on the Principles of Dr. Steven R. Covey author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

As an owner or manager of an organization, ask yourself this question. How valuable would it be for you to know the six or seven main concerns and aspirations of the key people in your organization, to a person, to an issue? Would it also be helpful to have the ability to transform those individual concerns and aspirations into group understanding, tolerance and acceptance? The ability to know what is going on inside the minds of your key people within your organization is an extremely valuable management tool.

The Genesis Process© helps the group reach a higher level through a tightly structured and controlled methodology. It builds group understanding, cohesiveness and loyalty by allowing those with the concerns and aspirations to plan for their solution and resolution.

The Genesis Process© moves organizations from a place of the unknown, of chaos and confusion to a place where the people who were once creating the problems now document for you the way to solve those very problems. It is a proven fact that when people have an understanding of the problems and are allowed to help create solutions for those problems they will then have a 100% “buy-in” in the implementation of those solutions.

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